Class: Colour, 2016.
Time: 3 Months Project
School: Ensci Les Ateliers
Tutors: Marie Rochut 
Student: Luca Notarfrancesco



White is never white.

It could be blue, yellow, green, but rarely white.

It could be pure or dirty, unblemished or filthy, but never monolithic.

This work starts from this very consideration, with the only purpose of getting lost into the process of discovering and exploring, through  photography, screen-printing, editorial productions, printing, model making, material research and digital creations.

I worked on white, its sensibility from a textural point of view, its shadows and its nuances.

255/255/255 is about daydreaming and daydreams are personal therapies to float into augmented immaginative worlds; this is why I later opened this page.