Les macguffins de Guy Bourdin

Graphic Design Studio, 2016
3 Months Project
Ensci Les Ateliers
Tutors: Anna Radecka
Student: Luca Notarfrancesco


Les macguffins de Guy Bourdin is a graphic design project developed during the Studio Graphism at Ensci Les Ateliers. The brief asked us to choose an artist and create a poster and invitations for one of his exhibitions, working with typography.

I worked on the French fashion photographer Guy Bourdin, focusing in particular on his work for Charles Jourdan. The outcome is realised through 3d modelling, photography and photo-editing.

The title refers to a plot device introduced by director and filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and perfectly embodied by the production of Guy Bourdin. The macguffin is a desire object that the main character pursues even though it doesn’t have a narrative purpose and it’s not useful itself to the development of the overall plot.