Napaca is a project developed with Gabriele Lorusso and Luca Venturelli for the contest Fabric-Action.

The brief asked to design products using hemp, focusing on the values of its properties.

We took the brief from quite a wide angle: during our research we realised the applicative flexibility of the hemp but also its lack of circulation and actual application.

ford hemp.jpg
Hemp body car – Henry Ford, 1941

It’s from this very paradox that we started our project.

The purpose of our project is to create a communication and awareness tool for a material that has been ostracised far too many times because of his relationship with marijuana and that has been therefore industrially and culturally set aside. 


To make our idea tangible we thought about avoiding a communication strategy just linked to advertising and to create “NAPACA”: a promotional kit to allow this material to come back into people’s daily life. The kit will include both products ready to use and objects to “build” in order to stimulate a reflection by doing; every element of the kit has the aim of highlighting a property of hemp.



We chose the name NAPACA to detach the product from the stereotype ideal of cannabis (in Italian “Canapa”), still keeping up with the sound of the word.


Copertina2Materials and Components:

Hemp yarn

Hemp thread for 3D printing

Hemp oil

Hemp flour

Concrete reinforced with hemp fibers

Bioplastic made from hemp



CNC milling (for molds)

3D printing


Napaca was chosen as special project and exhibited at Milan Design Week 2017 and Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive in Spoleto.


The project Fabric-Action was published on Domus Green in September 2017


Special thanks to Polifactory.