Client: DROMe

Creative Director: Marianna Rosati

Stylist: Emma Wyman

Paris Fashion Week

Photographer, Art Director and Visual Designer

A sound is frequency, intensity, noise and time. Sinestetica is a contamination of sound, computer programming and photography, inspired and generated by DROMe collection and the sound of its Paris Fashion Show.

The patterns are generated through a Processing programme that analyses the sound frequency and generates a set of light shades


The first inspiration came from the workDeborah Turberville, that influenced the collection itself in its mixture of “fairy tale and decadence”. Analysing her work I got stunned by her way of contaminating the photos with shades, beams of light and scratches. I decided to contaminate my pictures with sound, impressing a precise moment in time and space, as a representation of the zeitgeist I was in.


Created at the Paris Fashion Week in March 2016 for the Italian fashion brand DROMe and exhibited for two months at the DROMe Store in Milan.

The installation includes a series of four pictures, embedded into two layers of transparent plexiglas, hanging in sequence with invisible cables inside the store, complementary to the setting and contaminating the space itself.


A video that visually describes the process can be found inside the store.